Meeting with Mayor Nicola Smith at City Hall

mayor smith and lameh July 27 2016It was our honor and privilege to bring Dr. Lameh Fananapazir and his wife Karen to meet Mayor Nicola Smith at City Hall yesterday. He was able to discuss a vital topic of our time, namely the integration and collaboration with our Muslim community into their neighborhood. In the end Dr. Fananapazir presented to Mayor Smith a copy of his most recent book titled “Islam at the Crossroads”. Though a retired Cardiologist and Baha’i, he has spend years of service in many continents such as Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the US. He travels as a scholar and diplomatic peace promoter to various cities and countries. Ideas were exchange as we hope to see him come back soon. He promised to offer further services to our rapidly growing and expanding Lynnwood community. We want to thank Mayor Smith for her generous time and vision for a peaceful future.mayor smith and lameh at cityhall